Hispanics united of buffalo inc case

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Hispanics United of Buffalo -- Protecting Pre-Concerted Activity

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Hispanics United of Buffalo

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Hispanics United of Buffalo, Inc. (HUB) is a not-for-profit corporation which renders social services to its economically disadvantaged clients in Buffalo, New York. Its services include housing, advocacy for domestic violence victims, translation and interpretation services, a food pantry, senior and youth services and employment assistance.

Hispanics United is represented by Rafael Gomez and Michael H. Kooshoian of Lotempio & Brown PC.

NLRB Judge Issues First Ever Ruling in Social Media Line of Cases

The case is Hispanics United of Buffalo Inc. and Carlos Ortiz, case number CA, in the National Labor Relations Board. Nlrb ruling hispanics united of buffalo, inc. 1. JD Buffalo, NY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BEFORE THE NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD DIVISION OF JUDGESHISPANICS UNITED OF BUFFALO, INC.

Hispanics United of Buffalo, Inc. and Carlos Ortiz.

Hispanic United Of Buffalo, Inc.

though the employees’ mode of communicating their Case 03–CA– workplace concerns might be novel, we agree with the. Hispanics United of Buffalo, Inc.

Hispanics United Of Buffalo

and Carlos Ortiz. Case 03–CA– December 14, DECISION AND ORDER BY CHAIRMAN PEARCE AND MEMBERS HAYES, GRIFFIN, AND BLOCK On September 2,Administrative Law Judge Arthur J.

Amchan issued the attached decision. jd buffalo, ny united states of america before the national labor relations board division of judges hispanics united of buffalo, inc. and case no. 3-ca

Hispanics united of buffalo inc case
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