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It was a change from the usual monotone lecture. As time went by until we had to part ways, I only felt my time spent with him enriching…. He is a very friendly, patient and understanding teacher, and is eager to clarify any doubts we have. Mr Yeo tries his best to make learning interesting by relating us to personal and real life experiences, helping us to visualise the problems better.

He never fails to make difficult concepts seem easy to grasp, which is something I really like about his lessons. Hence, theoretically they can survive without a filter. Have tutored many students over the years and have helped all levels of students in getting distinctions in mathematics.

His teaching style was easy to follow and his lecture notes were very concise. In fact, by the end of the year, I have improved tremendously from a U grade to a B grade.

Uniform[ edit ] The full college uniform consists of beige shirts and trousers for boys, and beige blouses and skirts for girls. Contact for enquiries. The notes are very detailed and helpful 2. I told him that I honestly did not think it will get any better and I will just resign to fate.

Even outside of class, Mr Yeo goes the extra mile by allowing students to text him any Physics questions that they may have difficulty with and would never fail to reply to them. In addition, he is always very patient even if we take a little longer to understand a concept and most importantly, he is always very encouraging which boosts the confidence of his students.

These strengths provide the momentum for the individual to succeed in the global economy and contribute to the community. Through discussions with him, I cleared many of my misconceptions and this was reflected in my grades.

A-Level Physics is not an easy battle, but Mr Yeo has guided me through it and has given me the strength and bravery to fight. Mr Yeo prepares his own notes and revises them to make sure they are up to date with the syllabus and apt for examinations.

Every single time I tried to apply the concepts taught after an intensive self-study session or sitting through a lecture with my ears pricked up, I would ALWAYS end up at this point where the answer to the question defies my train of thought.

You will always remain my role model.

H2 Physics Tuition [JC Physics Tuition] (8866, 9745, 9646, 9749)

H2 Math Exam Papers & Solutions Do note that papers from and before are from the old Syllabus Certain topics have been removed from the new Syllabus for examinations from onwards. Also certain uni courses may have H2 subject prerequisites so do consider carefully.

Minimally you would need 3 H2 content subjects and 1 H1 content subject in your combination, but if you did well enough you would then have the option to take 4 H2s, depending on the JC.

End Of Paper [Turn over /CJC JC1 Promotional Exam diene with the following structure. The product possesses hydrogen bondingdiene reacts with hot acidified KMnO4? 1 2 3 Only one product is formed.8 A 1. 2 and 3 are correct B 1 and 2 only are correct C 2 and 3 only are correct D 1 only is correct 20 Dienes are hydrocarbons that.

H2 maths tuition

Jan 10,  · H2 PHYSICS JC1 PROMO PAPERS AND SOLUTIONS-SRJCNYJCAJC (NEW) Selling at $4 JC2 PRELIMS PAPERS AND SOLUTIONS-HCI, IJC, NYJC, SRJC, SAJC, YJC (USED, considerably new; pencil workings on 2 pages). PSLE students: Appeals for NJC IP Junior High 1 07 Dec Appeals for admission to NJC IP Junior High 1 are now on!

The appeal period is from Mon 10 Dec to Mon 24 Dec 3pm. In addition, he is also the author of two H2 Mathematics ten years series solution books published by SAP.

He set up Andrew Yap Education Centre in the year and he specializes in providing Math\ IP Mathematics tuition at Secondary level and H2 Mathematics at JC level.

Jjc jc1 h2 maths 2012 promo
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